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Treating ADHD in a child Jun10th 2020

Treating ADHD Through Pediatric Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a strategy parents can use to treat their child’s ADHD. Behavioral therapy is often effective at helping a child control her impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. Pediatric therapy along with at-home strategies is helpful at improving the ADHD child’s overall behavior. Pediatric Therapy for ADHD Many doctors recommend behavior therapy as a form

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playing-with-toys May20th 2020

What Is The Right Toy For Your Childs Age?

Does your child need help with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, problem solving or maybe planning and sequencing? What are his language abilities? Will the toy require multiple systems to be working together – i.e. balance, eye-hand coordination and timing? Does your child like a challenge or is he easily

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W-sitting position May10th 2020

Whats the Deal with WSitting?

There is a great deal of controversy over a sitting position common for young children, called W-sitting. W-sitting, so named because the legs splay out to form a W pattern, has been associated with causing several developmental orthopedic problems and doctors have warned to discourage children from assuming this position. Though there are some pediatricians

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