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Treating ADHD in a child Jun10th 2020

Treating ADHD Through Pediatric Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a strategy parents can use to treat their child’s ADHD. Behavioral therapy is often effective at helping a child control her impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. Pediatric therapy along with at-home strategies is helpful at improving the ADHD child’s overall behavior. Pediatric Therapy for ADHD Many doctors recommend behavior therapy as a form

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W-sitting position May10th 2020

Whats the Deal with WSitting?

There is a great deal of controversy over a sitting position common for young children, called W-sitting. W-sitting, so named because the legs splay out to form a W pattern, has been associated with causing several developmental orthopedic problems and doctors have warned to discourage children from assuming this position. Though there are some pediatricians

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shopping with child Feb20th 2020

How to Survive an Outing With Your Child

With today’s busy lifestyle, it seems we spend more time running around than just hanging around. Every parent has experienced the challenges of getting the family where they need to be with a minimum of disruption and meltdowns. But there are things you can do to maximize success. Try these simple tips for helping both

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