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Image Feb6th 2020

Handwriting without Tears: Tips for Practicing Handwriting with your Child

Handwriting is a multifaceted process of coordinating hands, arms, eyes and body posture. While it is undoubtedly important for writing– in fact, K-5 teachers indicate that 24 to 58 percent of classroom time is spent writing on paper — it is also a building block for many other skills. Being able to print letters clearly

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speech-milestones Mar10th 2019

Are You Aware of These Speech Milestones So You Know if Your Child is Hitting Them?

There are few things more frustrating that not being able to communicate. Think of the last time you were in a foreign country, surrounded by people who understood one another. Perhaps you picked up a few basic words and in your halted, broken attempt you had a basic need met. But were you able to

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speech-therapy Oct10th 2018

How Speech Therapy Can Help Your Child with a Speech Disorder

Working with a speech therapist is very similar to working with a physical therapist, at least as far as the routine goes. The person receiving the therapy will have regular appointments with their speech therapist to monitor and track their progress and will be given easy exercises to work on at home to make additional

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