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playing-with-toys May20th 2020

What Is The Right Toy For Your Childs Age?

Does your child need help with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, problem solving or maybe planning and sequencing? What are his language abilities? Will the toy require multiple systems to be working together – i.e. balance, eye-hand coordination and timing? Does your child like a challenge or is he easily

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Physical Therapy Exercises Jan6th 2020

Make Therapy Fun! Try These 3 Physical Therapy Exercises That Your Child Will Actually Enjoy

A child’s work is play, so creativity, fun and games are instrumental to making therapy a success. Yet it isn’t just in the office that a child’s muscles need to work. They also need strength and endurance-building activities at home. Just as is the case in therapy, it’s important to make activities fun at home.

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Core Strengthening Tricks to Do With Your Kid Today Dec20th 2019

Core Strengthening Tricks to Do With Your Kid Today

When parents come home with a newborn, the importance of “tummy time” comes up repeatedly. Colorful toys promise endless hours of tummy time enjoyment for your little one. Yet if you’re like many parents, the reality looks more like this: Place Baby on the floor on his tummy; listen to him scream; shake toys in

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