Orthopedic Problems and Sports Injuries Clarksville & Memphis, TN and Killeen, TX

Orthopedic Problems and Sports Injuries

There are a variety of different orthopedic problems and sports injuries that we help.

Orthopedic refers to problems with joints or muscles. Children can suffer from many of the same orthopedic problems that adults may encounter.

Such conditions may be painful movement of

  • Back and neck
  • Shoulder elbow, arm and hand
  • Hip and knee
  • Ankle and foot

Pediatric orthopedic conditions can occur for a number of reasons; injury, poor posture, weakness of certain muscle groups, development delays and much more.

Our therapists have years of experience, evaluating and treating patients with
pediatric orthopedic problems.

Sports Injuries

Children are very active and a big part of growing up is participating in sports.
However, at times an injury can occur while playing sports. From a mild ankle
sprain to severe injuries and fractures, a child may need pediatric therapy
afterwards to recover quickly and return to normal play / sport activities.

That is where we can help.

How Pediatric Therapy Helps

Our pediatric physical and occupational therapists routinely help children with
orthopedic problems and also recovery after a sports injury. In addition to regular treatments to relieve pain, improve strength and restore function, we also perform splinting, assistive device fitting and management (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs).

With experienced hands-on therapy, gentle therapeutic exercises and specialized pediatric therapy care, we help children reduce pain, restore range of motion and get back to normal activities quickly.