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At Mark Their Words Therapy Services, our Clarksville, TN pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, and speech therapists genuinely care about our patients. When it comes to our treatment services, we have a very high success rate. This is because we use cutting-edge pain relief technologies and methods!

Our pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, and speech therapists conduct thorough assessments that result in successful outcomes that help children live their lives to the fullest. Our advanced diagnostic methods assist our therapists in determining which services you will benefit from the most in our clinic.

Our Clarksville, TN pediatric physical therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, and speech therapists are well-trained and experienced professionals! We are pleased to provide specialized pediatric therapy services for your family. Contact us today!

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    Occupational therapy focuses on your functional needs by implementing certain exercises and activities that promote physical and psychological well-being.


    Physical therapy is recommended for children who are not meeting their milestones, as well as children who are experiencing physical challenges due to a condition or injury affecting their musculoskeletal system.


    Our speech therapists work with your child’s pediatrician to determine the limitations during the swallowing process and develop the appropriate treatment plan to ensure your child can take needed food and liquids.

What Clarksville Thinks About Mark Their Words

My family loves the services that my child receives from More Than Words. The facility is always clean and there’s a play space and movies to entertain the kids while waiting. There have been a couple of times that I have had to reschedule and the office staff was more than helpful. My child’s therapist is very timely and informative on the areas she is progressing in and where she could continue to work.


The staff at MTW is so friendly, not only do they care about their patients but they care about the family. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for therapy.


Since coming to More Than Words in fall of 2014 we have always been welcomed with warm smiles and friendly, helpful staff. My daughter had no problem bonding with her Therapist and when it was time to add additional therapy she was so comfortable she went right to work with her new Therapist as well! Thank you to Everyone at More Than Words for making sure our entire family is always comfortable and welcome!


More Than Words has been great for my child. The staff is extremely helpful and explains everything about the process. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs that little extra help.


Absolutely love More Than Words!! The staff is always friendly and helpful. We’ve seen several speech pathologist at this location and everyone has been great. He is so excited to come after school every Tuesday and Thursday. He just lights up when his therapist walks in the room.. We’ve been here for about 2 months and the difference is AMAZING! They keep me up to date and informed every step of the way. The way the therapist works had in hand with the school has truly maximized this experience. As a parent it has really eased my mind knowing he’s working with More Than Words.


More Than Words is an an amazing place. We have been with them since the very beginning and they have always given top notch service. Their office is always clean and welcoming. The office staff is always very kind and works hard to make everything run smoothly. We absolutely love our therapist and my son looks forward to going to therapy every week. They have helped my son become a confident boy and he has grown leaps and bounds since receiving services there. The services are top notch and they work with me to get the best care for my son in and out of therapy. They care about their patients on a personal level and that makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend More Than Words.


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