Our Team

Caitlin T, U.S. Navy Veteran, Administrative Director

As a special needs mother, I take pride in providing other special needs parents with the resources needed to establish a solid parenting plan. When my son was only six days old, he received his diagnosis; 15q24.1 chromosomal microdeletion. I had to teach myself how to advocate for my child and how to not take, “No,” for an answer. At that time I was my child’s only voice, and I refused to allow his disabilities define his capabilities. I made a promise to myself that I will do everything in my power to give parents in similar situations hope, direction, and support. Flash forward to the present day, and here I am fulfilling that promise I made to myself. My passion truly derives from the impact I make in our patients and their families lives, in the same way it was done to mine. “Be who you needed when you first began this journey,” is a quote I keep near and dear to my heart. The wonderful Therapists here at MTW can help your child find their voice; Allow me to help you find your voice to advocate for your child to the best of your ability.