Speech and Language Screenings Clarksville & Memphis, TN and Killeen, TX

Speech and Language Screenings

What is the purpose of the screenings? Speech and language screenings target particular problem areas of your child’s skills in order to determine if a more in-depth evaluation is appropriate.

Who should be screened? Screenings for young children identify any potential difficulties with a child’s pronunciation, her ability to communicate with adults, teachers, or peers, her use and understanding of language, voice production, and quality, and stuttering or fluency issues. These difficulties need to be identified so they can be resolved, and an early start is the best start to improve school readiness.

Where? Screenings are conducted at Mark Their Words… as well as at local private preschools, daycares, and public school settings.

Why? Screenings are especially important for early identification of possible speech and/or language delays and disorders. Children who have difficulty with language use or understanding often have a challenging time learning to read and write. This directly affects their ability to develop appropriate skills for academics. Pronunciation errors could lead to frustration in communication due to being misunderstood. Voice disorders can often be overlooked in early childhood. The earlier the issue is detected, the easier it is to resolve. Fluency or stuttering can have detrimental effects on a child’s self-esteem and social interaction, resulting in decreased participation in activities and at school.

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