Welcome to Mark Their Words Therapy Services

We are committed to providing quality therapy to children and their families in Clarksville,
TN and servicing our military families in the Ft. Campbell/Oak Grove, KY area.

  • Comprehensive home programs

    Comprehensive home programs are designed to facilitate generalization of goals. Parents are viewed as collaborators in our therapy treatment program. What sets us apart from other therapy providers is that we pride ourselves on involving caregivers into therapy routines, while implementing their roles into our treatment plans.

  • Innovative techniques

    Our innovative ways of providing therapy keeps our patients engaged from beginning to end, and makes every minute of therapy enjoyable!

  • Broad spectrum of services

    We offer a broad spectrum of communication related services to meet the needs of children and their families. We provide the highest level of individualized speech, language, occupational, feeding, and physical therapy services to individuals in need, including evaluation and consulting services.

  • Highly qualified therapists

    We offer a team of highly qualified speech therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists that collaborate to design individual treatment programs and carefully evaluate them on an ongoing basis in order to make changes as appropriate depending on our patient’s progress.

What Our Patients Say

Since coming to More Than Words in fall of 2014 we have always been welcomed with warm smiles and friendly, helpful staff. My daughter had no problem bonding with her Therapist and when it was time to add additional therapy…


The staff at MTW is so friendly, not only do they care about their patients but they care about the family. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for therapy.


My family loves the services that my child receives from More Than Words. The facility is always clean and there’s a play space and movies to entertain the kids while waiting. There have been a couple of times that I…


Areas of Therapy


Improving communication in children and adults with a variety of speech and oral motor difficulties, including phonological disorders, articulation delays, apraxia of speech, dysarthria, and voice disorders.


Improving a patient’s function in activities of daily living, such as grasping, dressing, feeding for sensory strategies, handwriting, and visual-auditory-tactile sensory aversions.


Helps to improve mobility, balance and coordination, strength, and range of motion in order to assist the patient in better accessing their environment and meeting their developmental milestones.


Focusing on increasing vocabulary, increasing length of utterances, improving sentence structure, increasing memory skills, building social language skills, and improving problem solving skills.


Improve feeding skills using a structural oral-motor, sensory behavioral approach. Beneficial for children learning to wean off of a tube, children with Autism, and children with aversions to certain textures.

Conditions We Treat

We help people of all ages with many different conditions with our expert services. We understand struggles that families endure when presented with speech delays, language delays, and a shortage of pediatric speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy services. Early intervention is key to maximize potential.

Staff Spotlight

  • Treating ADHD in a child

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    Jun 10
    Treating ADHD Through Pediatric Therapy

    Behavioral therapy is a strategy parents can use to treat their child’s ADHD. Behavioral therapy is often effective at helping a child control her impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. Pediatric therapy along with at-home strategies is helpful at improving the ADHD child’s overall behavior. Pediatric Therapy for ADHD Many doctors recommend…

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