Speech Therapy

Mark Their Words Therapy Services provides speech therapy specifically tailored to delays in children’s speech and language, stuttering, voice quality, social communication skills, and feeding issues. 

Our speech therapists work hard to help patients develop strong speaking skills as well as refine volume and quality of voice. They can help decrease issues patients have with eating, drinking, swallowing, and communicating. 

If your child is struggling with an issue that is impairing their speaking capabilities, contact us today to learn more about how speech therapy may benefit your child’s condition. 

Children may experience delays that make it difficult for them to interact, explore and play. Our speech therapists at (practice name) work with family members to create a personalized plan of treatment and home programming to help a child’s growth and learning. 

Pediatric speech therapy can strengthen many areas

Speech therapy encourages children to develop effective speaking and listening skills, to support social communication skills, and to improve pediatric feeding skills. It also helps children interact with other children and adults with confidence. 

Treatment at our (town) clinic focuses on the following issues in children:

  • Any feeding/swallowing issues, including tube feeding
  • Difficulty talking that makes it hard for others to understand the child
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts or identifying common objects or people
  • Difficulty following directions or understanding questions
  • Difficulty with interacting with other people
  • Muscle weakness or tightness of the mouth or throat
  • Changes in the quality of voice 

What to expect at the first appointment

Our speech therapists at Mark Their Words evaluate and treat speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing problems. Whether your child is experiencing issues relating to a developmental delay, a learning disorder, or a medical condition or injury, our team can work with a family to improve his/her skills.

When your child arrives for the initial consultation, a speech therapist will conduct a simple interview and examination to determine the best possible treatment plan. Treatment is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. One of our (town) speech therapists will work with your child in a relaxed, friendly setting on a series of treatment activities. Speech therapy can range from tasks that strengthen the muscles of the face, tongue, and throat to vocabulary development an

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