Category: Child Development

Oct20th 2020

Helping Your Special Needs Child Understand How to Cope Better

Is Your Child Struggling with Coping Skills? Parents of special needs children have to learn many different coping skills, and they also need to help their child develop better coping mechanisms. Physical therapy can be an integral part of developing these coping skills, and your work with the physical therapist can be just as beneficial

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Oct10th 2020

Get Moving! The Importance of Encouraging Your Child to Play Outside

Did You Know Playing Outside Can Have Multiple Benefits for Your Child? As stated by Dr. Claire McCarthy from Harvard Health, “Here’s something really simple you can do to improve your child’s chance of future health and success: make sure he spends plenty of time playing outside. There are many ways in which this generation’s

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playing-with-toys May20th 2020

What Is The Right Toy For Your Childs Age?

Does your child need help with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, problem solving or maybe planning and sequencing? What are his language abilities? Will the toy require multiple systems to be working together – i.e. balance, eye-hand coordination and timing? Does your child like a challenge or is he easily

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