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shopping with child
shopping with child Feb20th 2020

How to Survive an Outing With Your Child

With today’s busy lifestyle, it seems we spend more time running around than just hanging around. Every parent has experienced the challenges of getting the family where they need to be with a minimum of disruption and meltdowns. But there are things you can do to maximize success. Try these simple tips for helping both

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Image Feb6th 2020

Handwriting without Tears: Tips for Practicing Handwriting with your Child

Handwriting is a multifaceted process of coordinating hands, arms, eyes and body posture. While it is undoubtedly important for writing– in fact, K-5 teachers indicate that 24 to 58 percent of classroom time is spent writing on paper — it is also a building block for many other skills. Being able to print letters clearly

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Tips to Surviving Jan20th 2020

7 Tips to Surviving the Holidays with your Special Needs Child

For many parents of children with special needs, the stretch of time between October and January can feel like one big inhale. Between dressing up for Halloween, socializing over Thanksgiving, turning back clocks for Daylight Savings, and of course, the countless festivities associated with Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan and other holidays, there are a lot of

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